About Us

Who we are

We are a long-established firm run by 2 partners with many years of experience. Having worked in the City previously as well as having a great  deal of local knowledge, we strive to offer the best of both worlds.

What we do differently

We try to offer a very friendly and personal service while at the same time using the best  that  technology can offer to make our service the best it can be.

Where are we?

We are based in modern office development in Rickmansworth with easy parking. We serve surrounding areas including Pinner, Eastcote,  Watford, Northolt, Stanmore, NW London and into Middlesex & Hertfordshire.

We also have an office in Essex serving Colchester, Ipswich, Harwich, Manningtree, Clacton, Frinton and surrounding areas.

Our services

Property Services

From buying and selling properties to landlord & tenant matters both residential & commercial.

Wills & Probate

From writing your will to dealing with the estate of a loved one , setting up powers of attorney and disputed wills.


We offer a range of litigation services including property law, professional negligence, contract disputes and negligence claims.

Who we are

Lisa Kaszuba


Mrs Kaszuba has specialised in Wills, probate and conveyancing work for more than 20 years. She has lived and worked in the North London/Middlesex area for many years and knows the area very well. She can offer very competitive rates for drafting your will. She can also deal with Lasting Powers of Attorney enabling people to plan for their futures with confidence. She is also very experienced in dealing with the administration of estates after the death of a loved one and can advise on all aspects of that. Her experience also means that she understands that this can be a very difficult time for people and a friendly, understanding and compassionate attitude is all part of her service. She can also offer a full range of conveyancing services, again, at very competitive rates.

Simon Clark

 Mr Clark is our litigation expert. Having spent more than a decade working in the City, he has experience of dealing with a wide variety of cases ranging from very large claims through to more modest ones. He is an expert in property-related litigation and can deal with disputes over ownership of property, landlord and tenant disputes (both residential and commercial), contentious probate matters (i.e. very dispute arises from a will), insurance disputes, debt collection, general contractual disputes and professional negligence claims (i.e. where you feel that you have been let down by another solicitor or another professional such as a surveyor or engineer or suchlike). He can also deal with all manner of personal injury claims including road traffic accidents, tripping accidents, employers liability and public liability claims.


Helene Phillipson

Helene is our office manager and  assistant. With many years of experience in the legal world Helene might be the first face you see and  the first person you speak to when you call. She will help you with any documents that need to be signed and generally keeps everyting running smoothly.

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Property matters

Buying and selling property

We offer a very friendly and personalised service to those selling or buying property. Your case will be handled by a proper solicitor, not by a glorified call centre and you will  always be able to speak  to a real person.

We appreciate that  this is the biggest, and most stressful, purchase most people will ever make and do our best to make it as painless as possible. Our rates are very competitive nonetheless.

Landlord and tenant matters

We offer a wide range of services to both landlords and tenants. We can advise you on the granting of a new residential lease - particularly important if  you are to be sure that  you can regain possession in the event of a problem as the new laws are very detailed and strictly interpreted by the courts.

We can advise tenants on problems with their landlords or properties.

We can also deal with  the complex area of commercial leases - from renewing or granting a lease to dealing with problems on either side. 

Managing commercial properties

The obligations on a commercial landlord can  often be quite demanding from delaing with service charge accounts, management accounts, fire regulations and insurance obligations. We can guide you through this process and help you in the event that  something has gone wrong.

Damage to property and insurance claims

If your property has been damaged, in a fire or flood, for example, then insurance companies can be difficult to deal with on occasion. If you have concerns about how your claim is being handled our litigation partner spent several  years as an insurance lawyer in the City and may well be able to assist.

Negligence or breach of contract

You might have had a problem with a builder or an architect who hasn't done their job properly. We can help on any potential claim with our experienced litigation team. We also specialise in arbitrations and mediations and can  often help resolve a claim without ever going near a court.

Litigation Services


We offer a wide range of litigation services. We offer 'No Win—No Fee' agreements in appropriate cases. We are experienced in mediation as an alternative to court actions. We can help you with funding any action too. 

Property Litigation

 We handle all kinds of property-related litigation from commercial landlord and  tenant, residential tenancies and property-ownership disputes. We can deal with possessions, with applications to extend long-leases & problems with delinquent freeholders on your flat or apartment.


Professional Negligence

 We also specialize in professional negligence cases where you feel you have been let down by another solicitor or professional. This could be where you feel your solicitor has failed to get you a good outcome in your case or has perhaps even missed a deadline and this has resulted in your case failing. It could be in connection with advice you have received from an accountant. It could be where a surveyor or architect has failed to advise you properly on a planning application or has made an error in a construction project.

Contract and consumer disputes

We also offer varied services for business and other commercial disputes, construction disputes, consumer problems and fraud matters.

Small claims

Any claim which has a value of less than £10,000 will be treated by the courts as a small claim. The courts often expect you to deal with these claims without any form of legal advice or assistance. Many people find this quite daunting. However, in small claims you cannot, as a general rule, recover your legal costs even if you win the case. We can help with small claims  on a fixed fee basis - there is no point you incurring significant legal fees if you are not going to be able to recover them in a small case so we offer a very cost-effective package to assist you in dealing with your claim.

General disputes and arbitrations

.Sometimes you might not know exactly what area of law you need help with - Mr Clark has many years of experience and a quick chat with him might help, even if we refer you to someone else. We also deal  with attempts to settle cases through mediation and arbitration and Mr Clark has experience in these areas too.

Wills, Probate and powers of attorney



It is so important to have a will, as it is the only way to ensure your estate passes to the people you choose. A will ensures your wishes are followed and avoids doubt and uncertainties for those you leave behind. We can prepare a will to suit your particular needs and help you deal with what can often be an emotional process.

Lasting powers of attorney

An LPA is a legal document which allows you to choose someone you trust to make decision about things such as your finances and or welfare on you behalf at a time in the future when you may no longer be able to do so. An LPA is extremely practical and useful but it is also a very powerful and important legal document. Our solicitor can give you the appropriate advice.



Dealing with the estate of someone who has died can be an extremely worrying and somewhat frightening prospect. We offer efficient and sympathetic advice and guidance on the process of administering an estate no matter how small or large and whether or not the deceased left a will. Our probate specialists can advise on inheritance tax and other related matters. 

Court of Protection

 We offer specialized advice on matters relating to the Court of Protection and Public Guardianship work such as applications for Deputyship and looking after the affairs of those who may not have close friends and family to help them.


Disputed wills and probates

Occasionally people can fall out following a loss. It might be that  someone feels they  are not getting what  they  are entitled to under a will or it might be thjat those dealing with an estate cannot agree what  should be done. With a probate expert and a litigation expert in our firm we are well-placed to help with these kinds of dispute.